MesoMedica Hair - 5x5ml


MesoMedica Meso Hair Cocktail 5 x 10 ml

Panthenol is provitamin B5. Provides long-lasting hydration of the skin and strengthens the hair stalk. Some studies show that D – Panthenol prevents damage caused by overheating or drying the hair and scalp. Keeps hair in the right condition and protects the ends from splitting.

Pyridoxine is a vitamin B6 that inhibits the formation of DHT (dihydrotestosterone) and the functioning of the androgen receptor.

Thiamine is vitamin B1. If it is missing in the body, there may be a problem with proper food processing, which in turn leads to improper nutrition of the cells. In the case of hair, they may become thinner due to the slower growth rate.

Biotin has two alternative names: vitamin H, name for hair (English hair), or vitamin B7. In people who are deficient in this vitamin one of the first signs of it will be a bad condition of hair.


Panthenol, pyridoxine, thiamine, biotin.


It slows down and / or suppresses hair loss.



1 ampoule 1 or 2 times per week for 6 months, then 1 ampoule per month for the next 3 months


1 ampoule once every 2 months.

The results are stable for 4 to 8 months after the last treatments.

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