Like us, you are keen to get back to business, see your favourite clients again and provide the high standard of service you pride yourselves on. It may all seem overwhelming and quite frankly the government guidelines can be very confusing during this pandemic! That's why we’ve carefully constructed an easy to follow guide to help ensure you are ticking all the correct boxes. Here are our 5 steps to preparing your clinic for a safe re-opening, with as little disruption as possible to your services and clients.


First thing's first - there are a few additional extra's you'll need to be adding to your stock supply list. This includes: disposable face masks, full face covering visor masks, gloves (latex and non-latex), a Perspex screen, aprons, a digital thermometer (perhaps a backup one too) and hand sanitiser...lots of it!

Preparation – 72 hours pre-treatment.

Survey Monkey is a tool you're probably going to want to familiarise yourself with. It's a quick and free way to send a survey to your clients before they book in. Why do you need a survey? Well, it's vital to check if they have any symptoms of Covid-19 or if they have previously had it. Are they shielding? Is anyone in their household currently shielding? Are they vulnerable? This is all key information you'll need to know to ensure appointments are safe to go ahead and your employees are protected too, for the full list of covid-19 triage questions click here.  Another must-have is Faces, an app which enables you to send your clients digital consent forms. You can amend these to include the new Covid-19 T’s and C’s. Once you have collated the data from your clients using both of these tools, you can use it to book their appointment in order of priority.


You'll need to get the word out to your patients to arrive on-time for appointments - no early arrivals as waiting areas are out of bounds. This can be communicated via email or text before the appointment, but it's also a great idea to get the message out on your social media channels too. When booking in clients, also ensure that you're leaving a long enough gaps in-between appointments to be able to fully sanitise the area after each patient.


Masks on! It's mandatory in shops now so it's best practice for not only you to have them on but your clients too. Again, something you can include on your pre-appointment communication. You can also place some masks in reception (free or purchasable - a business decision you'll need to make beforehand) for those who have arrived without. Upon entering the clinic you're going to have to temperature check your clients. Even though your receptionist is the first to come into contact with your client, it is advised to have them behind a Perspex screen limiting all contact. Your therapist should ideally be the one to take the temperature of the client upon greeting them. This reduces the number of people your clients come in contact with too.


Card only if possible are the government guidelines and it seems to be the general consensus for a safer practice, as opposed to cash handling. Again, this is something which can be pre-communicated or you can offer an email payment service for treatments to be paid within 24 hours of the appointment via bank transfer or PayPal, whatever works best for you.

Something to be aware off, it's not only the new equipment which comes at a cost for your business but as do the new procedures too. Leaving an additional time gap in-between appointment in order to sanitise can add up. You need to make the decision on whether you want to take this off your client's appointment time (in which case it would be unreasonable to also charge them a surcharge). Your other option is to add the surcharge onto their invoice but this means they are given their full allocated appointment time. The cost for your business would come in loss of overall takings for example: 5 minutes after each appointment, 5 times per day, 5 days per week equals 500 minutes per month. This could mean losing out on 8, 1-hour appointments or treatments. Some clinics are choosing not to charge any additional fees, it is entirely at your discretion. 

Be sure to be checking the government guidelines daily when preparing your clinic for a safe re-opening. We wish you a successful re-opening!